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Have you seen bus rolling around Mitchell?

life with God is good

Thanks for being curious enough to visit our site!  Our colorful people-mover is used to deliver kids and teens to Life kids and Youth Worship on Wednesdays and also to our weekend worship gatherings.  

There are a few links that you can follow by clicking on the pictures below to find out more about the Life colors, our student ministries, and the painting of bus.  To learn more about Life Church, click on any of the tabs above or visit our main site at

   Do you know about the Life colors?

   Who named and painted the Lifesaver bus?

   How can I get a ride on the Lifesaver bus?

   Where do I get a rider's permission/release form?

Life kids?55

  What are Life kids and Youth Worship all about?

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope that you too will soon discover how good life with God can truly be!